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Christmas in Madrid

Christmas in Madrid
Christmas in Madrid

It’s like a not written rule, everyone still get too dazed and excited as soon as the month of December comes with all the Holidays and main of them is Christmas. Everything is perceived in a different way and became more fascinating. Well, Madrid makes no exception to this rule. The city gets completely transformed during the holidays and you can really breathe and feel the Christmas spirit. Usually, this “only once a year” atmosphere in the city kicks off with the opening of its Christmas market in Plaza Mayor, although other Christmas-related activities takes place all over Madrid. You’ll find nativity scenes, the famous three Kings procession, shopping, concerts, special food and the unavoidable light shows.

So as a traveler, how can you join in the festivities? Walk at night along the Gran Vía to see the special light displays is a good starting point, ice skating at Retiro Park, have a late night drink at the Mercado de San Antón (open until 12 a.m.), visit the various nativity scenes at the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral and eat the 12 grapes, one grape at a time, (making a wish) with each stroke of midnight in Puerta del Sol. Beyond that, one of the essential activities associated with Christmas is participating to the “Lotería de Navidad”. Almost 75 percent of the population participates in this 200-year-old grand lottery. According to the rumors, the most gambled number of this year (for some remote reason) is 14 and we are pretty sure that everyone in Spain will be in front of the TV on the day of the drawing.

These celebrations manage to spread to every corner of the city as millions of foreigners and locals alike come together to celebrate one of the most wonderful and joyous times of the year with great food and great drinks, because we all know that, Christmas is definitely a time for food. Spaniards usually eat sea food on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s. The reason of this menu originates in the idea of celebrating with an expensive and unconventional meal. Normally a good holyday’s season menu includes crab, lobster and oysters. If in other countries after food people eat the desserts, in Spain people take “turrones” (nougat) and “mazapanes” (marzipan) for dessert. The Spanish nougat is not like the one known in America, UK or Eastern Europe. This is made with almonds, honey and sugar. There is a very impressible variety of nougat in Spain, but the most popular are: Jijona and Alicante. Jijona or Xixona nougat is soft made out of almond’s paste and honey. Alicante nougat is crunchy and made of whole almonds and nougat candy. There are also different flavors of nougat with chocolate, toffee, coffee, yogurt, fruits and liquors.

Well beyond all the advice, the most important, just try to have fun and celebrate at your best.

Feliz navidad,

Holy week in Madrid

Thinking about coming to Madrid during the Holy week?

Holy weekFrom Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, thousands of people flock to the city to attend the numerous processions that take place on the streets of Madrid, and to enjoy the atmosphere created by the trumpets, rolling drums and the hundreds of religious worshippers’ bright and colorful attire.

During Holy Week, the delicate effigies that are kept in the various basilicas and churches throughout the rest of the year are adorned with numerous candles, flowers and elaborate embroidered cloaks. They are then brought out and carried in processions through landmark areas of the city such as Paseo del Prado, Calle de Alcalá and Plaza Mayor.

There are many processions held on Palm Sunday and Holy Wednesday, the most important being the Cristo de la Fe y el Perdón and Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Salud processions.

Holy week 002

The former starts out from the Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel where an 18th century statue by Luis Salvador Carmona, and the religious statue of “Santa María Inmaculada Madre de la Iglesia“, is carried through the surrounding streets. The latter, organised by the Nuestro Padre de la Salud y María Santísima de las Angustias brotherhood, also known as the Gitanos or Gypsies, parades through the streets surrounding Paseo del Prado and Plaza de Neptuno.

On the Holy Wednesday, around 7.30pm, Madrid’s Archbishop takes part in the Vía Crucis, or Stations of the Resurrection. On the same day, In the old historic part of Madrid, the Madrid of the Austrias, the San Jerónimo el Real church in Calle Ruiz de Alarcón, 19 is the starting point for a procession involving the Brotherhood of “Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Salud y María Santísima de las Angustias“.

Holy week 003On the Holy Thursday the processions with the highest following take place. This takes place at Calle Toledo, 37, at around 7.30 to 8pm at the Colegiata de San Isidro. The religious images of the Virgin Maria Santísima de la Esperanza and Jesús del Gran Poder are brought out of the church by the “costaleros” and through the main door.

In addition, Good Friday sees yet another two parades: Jesús Nazareno de Medinaceli, which leaves the Basílica del Cristo de Medinaceli in the Plaza de Jesús at around 7pm and parades central streets including the Puerta de Sol and Plaza Cibeles;  and The “Procesión del Silencio” or Procession of Silence starts from the Church of Santísimo Cristo de la Fé in Calle Atocha 87.

Finally, on the Holy Saturday is held the Virgen Dolorosa and la Procesión de la Soledad that leaves the Corpus Christi Monastery at around 4:30pm.

Bringing Holy Week to a close and in celebration of Easter Sunday, a drum band from Aragón arrives at Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. This is the “Tamborada del Domingo de Resurección” that from this emblematic square, a large number of religious worshippers make music, to the sound of drums of various kinds, to mark the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after his death.


Holy week 004

During this week, not only is Christ’s devotion exalted, but the city also stages other cultural events. Last but not least, the city’s best restaurants and patisseries serve and sell typical Easter foods and goodies. Like other religious celebrations, Holy Week in Madrid is in part about gastronomy and the preparation of typical dishes.

Amongst the period’s most popular dishes are torrijas – a sweet made from bread that is washed in milk and cinnamon, and then fried and sprinkled with sugar. Crunchy, battered little pieces of cod named Soldaditos de Pavía, Madrid-style chickpea stew known as potaje de garbanzos a la madrileña, and cod croquettes or croquetas de bacalao are also highly popular during this time of year.

Come and visit Madrid during such an interesting week, full of activities and places to visit. Let us be part of your experience!

Madrid’s Carnival of 2014

The Madrid Carnival starts on Saturday 1 of March. Even though, all celebrations and costumes party started on Thursday 27th of February. This year the variety and creativity of the costumes and colors is impressive.

This year’s Parade is paying tribute to all the amazing and genius painters. Celebrating ‘El Greco’ and the 400th anniversary of his death, his most famous gentleman, waves us at the carnival poster for these dates.

Right next to ‘El Greco’ we’ll have great genius entertaining us, from the ferocious creature of ‘El Bosco’ and the famous ‘Meninas’ who will be dancing and prancing out of the amazing painting of Velazquez.


This is the program you need to follow if you don’t want to miss any detail of the carnival:

On Saturday March 1st, it’s the beginning of all the fun that the carnival brings to Madrid with all the costumes, colors, spark and creativity of all the organizers and participants of the carnival show during the opening.

  • The parade will start at 19:30 from the Retiro Park (entrance of the O’Donnell Street) until the Cibeles fountain. Starting with the performance and route of the theater company Morboria, representing the times of the Austrians or the Habsburgsjust like if they came out of one of ‘El Greco’ paintings.
  • At 21:00 the Sinfonity group (the first electronic guitar symphonic orchestra of the world) will have a piro-musical concert with fireworks under the direction of Ricardo Caballer.

 On Sunday March 2nd

  • carnavalAt 12:00 would be the seventh encounter of the Murgas and Chiringotas. Presentent by Praxedes ‘Murguero Mayor de Madrid’ at the Plaza de la Villa.
  • 18:00 the funeral of the Sadirne. The Alegre brotherhood at the San Antonio de la Florida Plaza, pasing through the Manzanares Bridge ending at the Plaza de las Moreras of Casa de Campo. Place where the Sardine will be next to a bonfire where it will burn the bad acts and thoughts until next year.

Come and enjoy the festivities with us. And if you don’t feel like following the activities, just enjoy the party and the festivities of this wonderful city while it dresses and lots of color.

Enjoy your stay in the amazing city of Madrid.  images

Events Madrid 2014


  • Arcomadrid  19th – 23th February ; Avenida del Partenon, 5  [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week  14th – 18th February; Avenida del Partenon, 5  [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Salón de gourmets  10th – 13th March; Calle de Aniceto Marinas, 92  [metro station  Argüelles, líne 3,4,6]
  • Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week  5th – 7th March;  Avenida del Partenon, 5  [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Omexpo Madrid  9th – 10th Abril;  : Avenida Partenón, [metro station Campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • ECOMEXPO  9 – 10 Abril;  : Avenida Partenón, [metro station  Campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Salón de automóvil  22th – 31th May; Ifema Feria de Madrid, Parque San Carlos I  [metro station Campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Naturativa the winterfestival  9th May  –  1th June; Ifema, Feria de Madrid, Parque San Carlos I  [metro station Campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Expo foodservice  4th – 6th June Avenida Partenón, [metro station  Campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • El Universo de la infancia 4th – 7th  July;  Madrid Arena, Av.da de Portugal  [metro station  Alto de Extremadura, líne 6]
  • Naturativa The WinterFestival  9th – 11th July; Ifema, Feria de Madrid, Parque San Carlos I  [metro station Campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week  September;  Avenida del Partenon, 5  [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Bisutex  10th – 14th  September; Avenida del Partenon, 5   [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Madrid games week  16th – 19th October; Avenida del Partenon,5  [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Salón Look international  17th  – 19th de October ; Avenida del Partenon, 5   [metro station        campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Feriarte  15th – 23th November  Avenida del Partenon, 5   [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8]
  • Logistics Madrid  5th – 6th  November ; Avenida del Partenon, 5   [metro station campo de las Naciones, líne 8



  • stadium  Bernabéu tour:   [metro station Santiago Bernabéu , líne  10]
  • stadium Vicente calderón tour:  [metro station Pirámides, líne 5]
  • ATLETICO MADRID – real madrid:  Copa del Rey,11th February h 21.00 Estadio Vicente Calderón  [metro station  Pirámides, línea 5]
  • Atlético Madrid – milan:  Champions League, 11th March 20.45 Stadium Vicente Calderón [metro station Pirámides, líne 5]
  • Real Madrid – Barcelona:  “El Clasico” de la Liga,  23th March 21.45 Stadium Bernabéu [metro station Santiago Bernabéu, líne 10]
  • quarter finales champions league (?)
  • 2014 fifA BASKETBALL WORLD CUP :  XVII edition  30th August – 14 September, Madrid Palacio de los Deportes, Av.da Felipe II [metro station O’Donnel, líne 6];


–       Quarter Finales: 10th September

–       Semifinals: 11th – 12th September

–       Final Third P : 14th September

–       Final : 15th September



  • Laura Pausini “the greatest hits world tour”:  8th February h.21.00 Palacio de Deportes, Av.da Felipe II [metro station O’Donnel, line 6]
  • Back street boys in a world like this tour:  19th February  h.21.30  Palacio de Vistalegre, calle de Utebo 1  [metro station Vista Alegre, líne 5]
  • Fall out boy + the pretty reckless:  28th February h.20.00, Palacio de Vistalegre , calle de Utebo 1 [metro station Vista Alegre, line 5]
  • europe:  27th March h.21.30 La Riviera, Paseo Virgin del Puerto  [metro Puerta de Toledo, líne 5]
  • Scorpions:  7th – 8th March h.19:00  Palacio de Vistalegre, calle de Utebo 1  [metro station Vista Alegre, líne 5]
  • Romeo santos:  21th March h.20.00, Plaza de Toros de las Ventas [metro station Ventas, línes 2 and 5]
  • Gamma Ray:  1th Abril  h. 21.30; Shoko Madrid, calle Toledo 86 [metro station Puerta de Toledo, líne 4]
  • Sergio dalma: 4th Abril h 21.00; Palacio de Vistalegre, calle de Utebo 1 [ metro station Vista Alegre, líne 5]
  • Malu: 16th May h. 18.00; Palacio de los Deportes, Av.da Felipe II [metro station O’Donnel, líne 6]
  • Dani martin: 23th May h. 22.00; Palacio de los Deportes, Av.da Felipe II [metro station O’Donnel, líne 6]
  • Enrique Bunbury: 29th Juny  h. 21.30; Palacio de los Deportes, Av.da Felipe II [metro station O’Donnel, líne 6]
  • Xoel lopez: 6th Juny h. 21.30; Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, Calle Jorge Juan 62 [metro station Principe de Vergara, línes 2 and 9]
  • Daniel Baremboim & Staatskpelle Berlin: 6th July h.19.30; Auditorio Nacional de la Musica; calle Principe de Vergara 146  [metro station  Principe de Vergara, líneas 2 y 9]
  • One Direction: 10th July h.18.00; Estadio Vicente Calderón [Metro station Pirámides, líne 5]
  • Jhonny & los Biguids: 4th September  h.23.45; Segundo Jazz, calle del comandante Zorite 8 [metro station Nuevos Ministerios, líne 8]
  • Dcode festival: 13th September  h.21:00  Secundo Campus Univesidad Computense [metro station Ciudad Universitaria, líne 6]




  •  EL REY LEON :  until  9th  February, Teatro Rope de vega, C.Gran Via 57 [metro station Santo Domingo, líne 2]
  • Brokeback mountain opera:  until  11th  February,  Teatro Real, plaza Isabel II  [metro station Opera , línes 2 and 5]
  • El cavernicola:  until  2th March, Teatro Figaro Adolfo Marsillach , calle del Doctor Cortezo 5

[metro station Tirso de Molina, líne 1]

  • Disney on ice:  7th – 8th March, Palacio de Los Deportes, Av.da Felipe II [metro O’Donnel, líne 6]
  • Burun danga: until  30th  March; Teatro Lara, carredera baja de San Pablo 15  [metro station Gran Via, línes 1 and 5]
  • The hole 2:  until  6th  Abril; Teatro La Latina, Plaza de la Cebada [metro station Tirso de Molina, líne 5]
  • lohengrin:  until  27th Abril; Teatro Real, Plaza de Oriente [metro station Opera, línes 2 and 5]
  • les contes d’hoffmann:   from 17th to 31th  Abril and from 3th to 21th June; Teatro Real, Plaza de Oriente [ metro station Opera línes 2 and 5 ]
  • stábat mater: 10th May; Teatro Zarzuela, Calle de Jovellanos 4 [metro station Sevilla, líne 2]
  • i vespri siciliani: 11th, 14th, 17th Juny; Teatro Real, Plaza de Oriente [metro  station Opera, línes 2 and 5]
  • orphee et eurydice: 12th, 13th, 14th July ; Teatro Real, Plaza de Oriente [metro station Opera, línes 2 and 5]
  • l’allegro, il penseroso ed il moderato: 1th, 2th, 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th July; Teatro Real, Plaza de Oriente  [metro stations Opera, línes 2 and 5]


Valentine’s Day

VDay 002

Wherever you go around this world, if you ask someone what he or she can associate with February 14, most likely the answer that you can get is that: it is the day made for lovers, for friends and family to show how much they appreciated each other.
Wondering what to give that special someone for Valentine’s Day? You may just find your answer here: a romantic trip to Spain to make it an unforgettable celebration. In Madrid you will find it all: evocative landscapes, lovers’ legends, and wonderful sunsets.

VDay 005

Saint Valentine’s Day or el Día de San Valentin for Spanish speakers is a day that you will surely love if you’re in Madrid. Beside the traditional way of expressing their affections, Madrid offers other activities that lovers, friends and family can enjoy. From the first week of February until the end of this month, shops in this city transform into a festive look with Valentine’s Day as their theme.

Here we offer you some Valentine’s plans you can make to have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Madrid!

  • Go for a paseo:

Take a leisurely walk (un paseo) from Palacio de Oriente through its gardens. Then continue to the Retiro Park, rent one of the rowing boats and navigate in it through its fabulous artificial lake, surrounded of beautiful trees and monuments.… there really is nothing more romantic.

VDay 009

  • Have a romantic dinner:

Have a Spanish meal in one of the many restaurants serving delicious food in the centre of Madrid (La Latina, Fuencarral, Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía) or from the top floor of El Corte Ingles in Callao, where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Madrid.

  • Flamenco is a dance of passion, love and strength: an ideal show for a Valentine’s night out. There are several bars that showcase flamenco and after the show you can always extend the evening by hopping around the center or by going for a cocktail. See a flamenco show:
  • Go watch a movie or take the city tour bus.

Come enjoy this Valentine’s Day with us in one of our beautiful apartments. This year we have a special surprise for all the couples who decide to enjoy a romantic weekend with us. We have a selection of special and romantic apartments this year:

  • VDay 004Splendid Plaza Mayor
  • R4D Gran Via 1
  • Huertas Design
  • Plaza Mayor Deluxe
  • Joyful Chueca
  • Touching Prado
  • Brilliant Sol
  • Splendid Puerta de Atocha
  • Atico Santa Ana
  • Fancy Princesa

By visiting our website you can see the special selection that we made for you. You cannot miss the oportunity to enjoy everything Madrid has to offer. Let us be part of your experience and enjoy your stay in this incredible city.

Cirque du Soleil returns to Madrid with Alegria show

The world famous Canadian circus comes back to Madrid with its show “Alegría” to fill the atmosphere with joy and excitement just before Christmas celebration. The event will take place in Sports Palace (Palacio de Deportes) from 18th to 21st of December.


Circus of the Sun is a Canadian circus with talented artists gathered from all over the world, aged from 10 to 45 years old. It is renowned for its bright, lively, and unforgettable performances, inspired by the beauty and power of human body. Translated from Spanish as “Joy”, it is described as “an operatic introspection of the struggle for power and the invigorating energy of youth”.

Legendary Alegría premiered back in 1994 in Montreal, and since then became one of the most popular touring shows of Cirque du Soleil. Some interesting facts about the show include:

1. An album with soundtracks to the show, released in 1994, became a bestseller throughout the history of Cirque du Soleil. Over 500 000 copies have been sold.

2. Over 100 000 paper confetti are used for the creation of blizzard in one of the clown acts.

Snowstorm act3. The sad clown from Snowstorm act is deaf-mute.

4. A DVD production of the show was filmed in 2001, in Sydney, Australia. The director used 14 cameras and some filming techniques to make viewer’s experience more exciting.

5. Bird masks, used in the show to impersonate aged aristocrats, are handmade. It takes about 120 hours to make one.

alegriacds6. In Alegría around 4000 pieces of clothing are used. They all take up a space of 1.5 trucks.

7. The dress of White Singer weights 10 kilos.

white singer alegria8. All artists of the show do their own make-up.

If you are still unsure whether Alegría is worth seeing, here are some media reviews:

  • A night of adventure, joy and peerless beauty ” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Alegria a soaring triumph” Times Colonist
  • “Alegria, a sensory delight” The Knoxville News-Sentinel
  • “Alegria is awe-inspiring– with lots of heart” Salt Lake City Tribune

With a great variety of comfortable apartments, offered by Rent4Days, your stay in Madrid will be ever more joyful.

Bruno Mars’s Concert in Madrid

The Hawaiian artist is coming to Madrid with ‘The Moonshine Jungle Tour’ (2013).

Bruno Mars 001

This will be a concert full of surprises and tracks from the album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’, this American superstar is one of the most hip and trendy artist right now, his music is a mixture of reggae, soul, rock, R&B and pop, with and old school style and flavor to it. He is making us enjoy the old time music with his unique style and his mantra ‘Music brings people together’.

Growing up in such a musical family this Grammy award winner was destined to be a successful superstar. Jon Caramanica from de The New York Times called him “one of the most versatile and accessible pop singers, with a soft and soulful voice that can adapt to any musical genre or style”.

Bruno Mars 002Mars rose to stardom with his first studio recording ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ (2010), a work that showed that he had the makings of a superstar. Apart from writing music and singing, this artist stands out for his brilliant dance style and his parallel career as a producer.

Following his worldwide success with Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Mars created the critically-acclaimed ballad “It Will Rain” for the original motion picture soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The success of “It Will Rain” marked the 11th top 10 single for Mars.

Do not miss the opportunity to be at his concert on November 15th. And while you’re here you can visit and explore this amazing city and enjoy its gastronomic, shopping, night life, business and cultural offers.

We hope to see you in Madrid.

Madrid Events Calender 2013

Madrid Events Calendar 2013

Rent4Days Madrid Apartments is proud to present its new event calendar for the rest of the year 2013.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the amazing events that will be hosted by this wonderful city.

 Calendar by category:

Celebrations and Parties:

Gay Pride Weekend 03-07.07

Virgen de la Paloma 15.08

Spain’s National day 12.10
Halloween/ Todos los Santos 30.10-01.11

La Almudena 09.11

Constitution day 06.12
Christmas 24-28.13
New Year’s Eve 31.13-01.014

Party New Year


 SUMMA: The art fair of the art fairs 19- 22.09

Simo Network (TIC services and solutions Int. Fair) 15-17.10

Feriarte: Antiques, Art Galleries And Collectors fair 23.11.13- 01.12.14

Fair of Madrid


Congreso Derechos Civiles (Civil Rights) 01.08

I Congreso Internacional De Gastronomía Y Nutrición (Gastronomy) 21.10

Congress Madrid


Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2013 19.07
Supercopa de España: Atlético de Madrid-Barcelona 21.08

Copa Davis 13-15.09

San Silvestre Vallecana 10K marathon 31.12

BMX Madrid


Los Nocturnos en Cibeles, Classical Music Festival 05- 19.07

Veranos de la Villa festival (several concerts)

Selena Gómez 12.09

DCODE Fest (Franz Ferdinand, Vampire Weekend o Foals) 14.09

Eros Ramazzoti live 21.09

Pablo Alborán 26- 27.09

Bruno Mars 15.11

Jamie Cullum 27.11

XXIX Jazz festival 04.11- 05.12

Concert Madrid


Vogue in Red 01-30.09

Fashion’s Night Out 05.09

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 13- 17.09

Fashion Madrid


Fringe 13: Performing arts and Music festival 05-27.07>

Pissarro’s Exposition Thyssen Museum 04.06-15.09

Dalí’s Exposition, Reina Sofía Museum 27.04- 02.09

Cinderella, Ballet on Ice 23.07- 04.08

Georges Méliès, The magic of cinema 26.07- 08.12

Love and Lust Theater night 06.08

Classic music night concert by the Spanish Orchestra 09.08

Flamenco Night: Tomatito 10.08

The Swan Lake, Moscow Ballet performance 11.08

Lutherapia, comedy show 1-13.10

Madrid’s International Dance Festival 03- 26.11

Surrealism and The Dream (Breton, Dalí, etc.) Thyssen Museum 08.10.13 -12.01.14

Velázquez: last portraits, Prado Museum 08.10.13 – 09.02.14


orchestra Madrid


Calendar by dates:


-Gay Pride Weekend 03 – 07.07

-Fringe 13: Music and Performing arts festival 05-27.07

-Los Nocturnos en Cibeles, Clasical Music Festival 05- 19.07
-Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2013 19.07
-Veranos de la Villa festival July- August

*The original Blues Brothers 15.07

*Ricky Lee Jones 17.07

*Pastora Soler 17.07

*India Martinez 18.07

*Alex Claire 23.07

*Diana Krall 25.07

*Elvis Costello and The Imposters 27.07

*Dulce Pontes 29.07

-Cinderella, Ballet on Ice 23.07- 04.08

-Georges Méliès, The magic of cinema 26.07- 08.12


– Noche D teatro: De Amor y Lujuria (Of Love and Lust Theater night) 06.08

– Noche D clásica (Classic music night concert by the Spanish Orchestra) 09.08

– Noche D flamenco: Tomatito (Flamenco Night) 10.08

-The Swan Lake, Moscow Ballet performance 11.08

-Supercopa de España: Atlético de Madrid – Barcelona 21.08

-Congreso Derechos Civiles (Civil Rights congress) 01.08


– Vogue in Red 01- 30.09

-Madrid Fashions Night Out 05.09

-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 13- 17.09

-Selena Gómez 12.09

-Copa Davis 13- 15.09

-DCODE Fest 14.09

-Eros Ramazzotti 21.09

-Pablo Alborán 26- 27.09

-SUMMA: The art fair of the art fairs 19- 22.09

– Pissarro’s Expo, Thyssen Museum 04.06- 15.09

-Dalí’s photography Expo, Reina Sofía Museum 27.04- 02.09


-Lutherapia, comedy show 1-13.10

– Surrealism and The Dream (Breton, Dalí, Delvaux, Magritte, Masson o Ernst.) Thyssen Museum 08.10.13 -12.01.14

-Velázquez: last portraits, Prado Museum 08.10.13 – 09.02.14

-Mayumana, percussion show 09.10

-Simo Network (Feria Internacional de Servicios y soluciones TIC) 15-17.10

– SuperMartXé party 19.10

-I Congreso Internacional De Gastronomía Y Nutrición (Gastronomy) 21.10

-Todos los Santos/Halloween 30.10- 01.11


-Bruno Mars 15.11

-Jamie Cullum 27.11

-Feriarte: Antiques, Art Galleries and Collectors fair 23.11.13- 01.12.14

-XXIX Jazz festival 04.11- 05.12

-Madrid’s International Dance Festival 03- 26.11


-Cirque du Soleil: Alegría 18- 22.12

– Christmas Eve 24-28.12
-San Silvestre Vallecana 10K marathon 31.12

– New Year’s Eve 31.12.13 -01.01.14