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P28 Projects – Containers CCB

“Project CONTAINERS aims to play a dynamic role by embracing a non-conventional format in contemporary public art. This role translates into promoting the artistic manifestations of acclaimed artists in the Portuguese and international arts scenario,focusing on Site Specific artworks – compositions specifically created to exist in a given place. This conceptual solution – Site Specific – targets the need to rehabilitate and revitalize urban spaces, without losing their identity or altering their nature, by
redirecting or redefining their core priorities and their purpose, focusing on that given

The project aims to recycle a space through already existing objects, reorganizing and presenting them as elements that are as important as the artistic objects themselves.
By internalizing these notions and taking into consideration the location of the project, in Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), CONTAINERS aims to expand art into traditional spaces and promote the use of supports that previously lacked museum-like characteristics, by promoting a more equitable access to culture, which is a fundamental element to increase civic consciousness in modern societies.

Without cultures cannot have a true civic consciousness.

Thanks to this aesthetic (but also pragmatic) approach, we believe the project will
be able to achieve an ideal associated with making art accessible to the masses, as true manifestation of the concept of public art, and through which art comes into contact with the spectator in a spontaneous way. In order for this to happen, some conscious effort is needed from the spectator’s side. This is also, the perception of Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) and Museu Colecção Berardo (MCB) that, since the beginning have faced this initiative as a chance to narrow the bonds between the artistic community and the population, while simultaneously supporting projects of cultural / artistic nature.

CCB and MCB consider that project CONTAINERS finds in the artistic territory the perfect spot for developing public art initiatives.

The scheduled exhibitions are extremely welcome in the arts community, due to the participation of some of the biggest names in the national and international
contemporary art world. Theme-wise there is an abandonment of classical themes as commemorative content, and a new use of personal poetics and subjects of everyday life, including, in some cases, social situations (new genre public art).

Multidisciplinary is becoming an increasingly more popular practice in contemporary public art. The
world has been witnessing a symbiosis and appropriation of the language of fields such as architecture, equipment design, advertising,sociology, ecology, among others.”



Francisco Aires Mateus
09.April > 14.May

Jorge Molder
25.May > 25.June

CCB Fora de Si+
Paul Goodwin – Tate Britain
Inês Amdado + Sonia Boyce

06.July > 04.August

CCB Fora de Si

10.August > 10.September

Luisa Cunha
21.September > 14.October

Mercado Mundo Mix – “Castle Invaders”

Mercado Mundo Mix is ​​a multicultural event, which expresses itself through multiple artistic languages, where it were now more than 2 million visitors. Born in 1994 in Brazil, where it became a cornerstone of Brazil’s cultural scene and has been in Portugal since 2003, with various editions held in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Cascais and Lagos, now reaching its 25th edition.

This is a vanguard movement with alternative characteristics related to urban culture, which showcases new talent, new ideas and new trends in the arts, music, fashion and design, offering the opportunity for selected artists to promote, market and facilitate their creations.

Castelo de S. Jorge  –   Lisbon  –  27, 28 and 29 of May   –   12 am to 11 pm


Internacional Contemporary Music Festival in Madrid. COMA’10

Theaters Canal Nicolás Salmerón Cultural Centre, RCSMM, the Faculty of Biology of UAM and Headquarters of the SGAE, will be hosting the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Music in Madrid, which will run until 15 December.

The festival will focus on its distribution among the younger generations of musicians with a program of lectures and presentations in various conservatories and institutes.Also be invited to German composers to submit their works in Madrid, which at the time released in Germany works of Spanish composers. The concerts will be performed by the SIC Chamber Orchestra, the Wind Quintet Berlin or Madrid-Gurkova Mariana pianist.

Mariana Gurkova (Piano)
Ruiz García, Juan Manuel
Duration: 8 minutes

Bustamante Guerrero
Miguel (1948)
Diabolus in musica
Duration: 3 minutes
Quake I
Duration: 5 minutes

Zavala, Mercedes (1963)
Distant gardens
Duration: 10-11 minutes

Carro, Mario (1979)
Duration: 6 minutes

De la Cruz Castillo,
Zulema (1958)
Duration: 10 minutes

Panadero, Juan Carlos
Duration: 10 minutes

Fashion in the Thyssen,Mario Testino in Madrid

The Thyssen Museum opens its doors to one of the most well know photographers , the Peruvian Mario Testino. A portraitist of the most glamorous actresses and models in the world.

All or Nothing, the Museum aims to show the two opposing concepts that are stupendously combined in Mario Testino work, fashion and the nude.

In total, 54 photographs have met both the best known facet of the fashion photographer, with pictures taken for Vogue, Vanity Fair, V Magazine, Allure and The Face, as his most personal and even some unpublished work.

Dates :21/09/2010 – 09/01/2011

In advance entrance sale:902 760 511


Monet and Abstraction II in Madrid


Caja Madrid Foundation will host the second part of this exhibition which shows the enormous influence of the informalism over Monet and Abstract Expressionism.

Until the 30´th of May,  Caja Madrid Foundation presents the second part of “Monet and Abstraction”  establishing a close relationship between different periods of his career and most innovative proposals in the fifties.