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Spanish Super Cup 2011

The Supercopa de España is a major Spanish football championship. The winners of the 2 major Leagues “La Liga” and the “Copa del Rey” (King`s Cup) are competing against each other to determine which Team is the undisputed champion of the country.

This year this is going to be a spectacle of so far unseen dimension of the Spanish football world as the two major teams and all time rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have to face each other. Never since 1997 were those two giants of “fútbol” scheduled against each other for the most prestigious of all cups in Spain.

On August the 14th the cup starts with the first match in Madrid. On August the 17th the all deciding rematch is held in Barcelona. If you’re a football fan you should not miss the opportunity to see the match of the year here in Barcelona. But beware thousands of fans will be attending this event dreaming of seeing lots of spectacular goals. You might want to rent apartments in Barcelona as soon as possible before the flood of tourists and Spanish football fans arrives.

So far Barcelona rules this cup with 9 titles. Madrid on the other hand has eight. Will the deuce be reached in the month of August? Who will have the upper hand when Messi faces Gonzalo. Who has the strongest nerves, Castilla or Valdés? Come to the beautiful Barcelona and see for yourself. You would not want to miss the football experience of your lifetime!