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Seven reasons why it is better to book an apartment than a hotel.

Seven reasons why it is better to book an apartment than a hotel.

There have always been mayor discussions about the advantages and drawbacks of renting a hotel room or an apartment when going on holiday or a business trip. Althoug opinions always tend to be personal and connected to past experiences, we from Rent4Days would like to offer you some interesting points of view considering the advantages of renting an apartment with us.

A brief summary:

So, allow us to summarise the seven big advantages of renting an apartment with Rent4Days once more:

The first advantage of renting an apartment with Rent4Days is that you get loads more space than in a regular hotel room, since almost all of our apartment come with seperate living and dining room, seperate bedrooms, seperate bathrooms, etc. So, more freedom, more space to move, and more like a home!

Hotels will usually will have a small fridge stamped with over-priced drinks and will rate you large amounts of sums if you even dare to take some peanuts from it. All our Rent4Days apartments on the other hand are fully equipped with a  kitchen, so no more having to eat what the hotel’s restaurant is offering you, but deciding on your own what to eat! All our apartments dispose of fridges and a fully equipped kitchen (including a fire place, microwave, toaster, kettle, owen and so on). Cooking by yourself instead of having to eat every night out or in the hotel’s restaurant is furthermore a great way to save money!

Like we said before, at Rent4Days your comfort is our primary concern, and this means that we will not remain satisfied if your holiday was not a succes. Therefore, we try to offer you apartments which – in our opinion – will offer you loads more privacy then staying in a regular hotel room. Since our apartments dispose of bedrooms seperated from the living and dining room, inviting friends over to the apartment will not form a problem any longer!

Unlike other apartment rental agencies, in all of our Rent4Days apartments we apply and guarantee a 100% pet-free apartment, meaning that no accompanying animals are accepted in our apartment. Via this way, we can ensure you that all our apartments are compleately allergic free and meet the highest hygienical standards.

Lots of our apartment also include some attractive extra facilities like a (private) swimming pool, a terrace, individual bathrooms, free wireless internet connection, a privat parking space in front of your apartment, etc. Please visit our website http://www.rent4days.com for more information about extra facilities in your selected apartment.

Since a lot of our clients come to Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon on business trips, Rent4Days has been focussing through the years on the comfort and convenience of our business clients. Forget inviting business contacts in our one-person bedroom or having to rent a huge and pricy lounge in your hotel, just let your contacts come over to your Rent4Days apartment for a business meeting!


Since the economical crisis started, the occupancy rate of the number of people that are staying in a hotel has dropped substantially. However, the occupancy rate in apartment has been status quo with the occupancy rate last year, meaning that clients may have lost their confidence in the hotel sector, but still not in the apartment rental sector. Offical investigations by the Apartur (the Associació d’Apartaments Turistics de Barcelona – http://www.apartur.com) have shown that the occupancy rate in August 2009 was 81,29%, while the hotel’s occupancy rate did not even reach 40%!

In case you should still have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our information department at info[a]rent4days.com or marketing[a]rent4days.com, and we will contact you immediately!