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South Florida’s Unique Travel Destinations

South Florida’s Unique Travel Destinations

One of the perks of visiting Miami is the freedom of not being confined to a single city or destination. Miami’s location on the southernmost point of Florida’s peninsula gives travelers the chance to visit attractions as far west as The Everglades, south to the Florida Keys, north to the Palm Beaches, even west to the Bahamas. At 927 Jefferson Suites, we can help you plan and organize a wonderful day trip to some of South Florida’s most unique travel destinations.

The most popular destinations in South Florida are the following:

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park truly the most unique day trip you can plan when visiting South Florida. Travelers have the chance to view wildlife that is only found in The Everglades, by means of airboat tours. On these exhilarating airboat tours, you will definitely see hundreds of alligators, beautiful bird species, and fish native to the Everglades, such as the Alligator Gar.

When visiting The Everglades, check out the Alligator Farm located in Homestead, Fl.

The Florida Keys

South of Florida’s mainland in an island chain known as The Florida Keys. The Keys are a tranquil paradise with world class fishing, diving, snorkeling, and marine attractions. The closest key to Miami is Key Largo. Key Largo is home to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, where you have the rare chance to explore a living reef. Afraid of going in the water? No problem, Pennekamp offers glass bottom boat tours, so you can enjoy the beauty of the reef from a safe vantage point above the waves.

The Florida Keys is also home to the southernmost point of the United States. Located in Key West, the southernmost point is just 90 miles from Havana, Cuba. Key West is known for its laid back party atmosphere. After a day of drinking tropical concoctions on Duval Street, you can view the spectacular sunset from Mallory Square

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is located just 70 miles north of Miami. It’s one of the most affluent, and prestigious areas in all of South Florida. While visiting Palm Beach, you can play a round of golf at world renowned golf courses, shop at high end fashion boutiques, or dine at elegant restaurants.

The Bahamas

Visiting the Bahamas is truly a unique experience only available in Miami. Just across Biscayne Bay from Miami Beach, visitors can go to Port Miami and sail on the Resorts World Bimini Superfast, and be at the Bahamas within 3 hours. For an affordable rice under $100, you can wake up in Miami, and spend the afternoon relaxing on the soft sand of the Bahamian beaches.

Miami Skyline on the Raise

Miami Skyline on the Raise
Miami Skyline on the Raise

Miami Skyline on the Raise, it has changed drastically over the past 10 years. During the real estate bubble of the mid to late 2000’s, downtown condo buildings were rising quicker than the summer temperatures. Soon the ever expanding skyline will have a few new additions to it in the form of the stunning Miami Worldcenter.

The Miami Worldcenter is slated to be located just west of Biscayne Boulevard, across from the American Airlines Arena, Bayside, and the Freedom Tower. It’s said that it will be “city within a city”, with an expansive high-end shopping mall, a 1,800 room hotel, a convention center, parking garages, and 4.5 acres of outdoor space.

Miami’s exuberant lifestyle and personality is the perfect fit for the Worldcenter’s extravagance and grandeur. The modernization and growth of downtown Miami is great for the city.

As a native Miamian, who has seen the city shape itself from a dangerous narco-wasteland, into a world-class metropolis, I can’t help but wonder what the Miami’s downtown skyline will look like 10 years from now.

Where to go?


Key Biscayne is a tropical paradise, both visitor and residential friendly. This serene neighborhood just over the bridge from the busiest parts of Miami is island living at its best. What would island living be without endless options for ways to spend time on the water? Spend a warm, breezy day outside on the waters of Biscayne Bay aboard a catamaran, sail boat, or luxury yacht. Go kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, or explore the underwater world with a snorkel, mask and fins.

Keep your eyes open for dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and manatees, starfish and more.By boat enjoy Key Biscayne Sandbar, Nixon’s Cove, Mashta Flats, Cape Florida Lighthouse, a paradise for water lovers

Miami is Not Just a Party City

MiamiOnly party in Miami?! Miami is Not Just a Party City.

Miami is eclectic, eccentric, energetic, and has a little something for everyone. Personally, I’m a lover of opera, and this wonderful city has plenty to offer. The main opera house in Miami is, undoubtedly, the Adrienne Arsht Center located just across MacArthur Causeway, home to the most prestigious international performers. However, I have special appreciation to those shown at the Colony Theatre, in South Beach.

The Colony Theatre offers guests affordable prices. While visiting the Colony, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere that the years have given to this historic landmark. It’s an Art Deco building dating back to 1936, it has since been remodeled to modernize its acoustics and stage, and all while preserving the historic decor. At show-time, you can choose from opera, jazz, tango, cinema festival at

The Colony.

At first, the Colony was built as a cinema, but was later converted to a live theatre. It was built only a decade after 927 Jefferson Suites. Surely, the family who owned 927 Jefferson Suites enjoyed this beautiful theatre, since it’s only seven blocks away, just a 10 minute walk away.

I highly recommend taking a walk down Lincoln Road. It’s something you must do when visiting South Beach. Lincoln Road Mall is an outdoor shopping mall with high-end store, restaurants, bars, and of course, the Colony Theatre.

After the watching a wonderful performance at The Colony, you could walk right across the street and have a delicious dinner at Juvia, where you can experience one of the best views of Miami Beach

After dinner, and perhaps a cocktail or two, you can enjoy a relaxing walk back to

927 Jefferson Suites to enjoy a quiet and relaxing night’s rest.

For a list of shows and ticket prices, you can visit www.colonytheatremiamibeach.com, and for menu items and pricing you can visit www.juviamiami.com



There’s nothing quite as Miami as spending an entire day making pictures of yourself on a boat. But taking all those selfies works up a powerful hunger, so as your day on the water progresses, we’ll take you from the Miami River up to the North and tell you the best restaurants to tie up and tie one on.


Great views and fabulous food in Key Biscayne paradise, you can see some famous people like Juanes or Andy García there


It’s amazing how for 50 years, this place managed to serve possibly the best, freshest seafood in Miami, cold beers, and a stunning view of the Miami River and never refused service to anyone because they weren’t wearing designer sunglasses. Perhaps the next-door neighbors could take a lesson. Garcia’s still managed to serve the freshest seafood in Miami, with its fresh-off-the boat specialties plated with a breathtaking view of… corpses and boats full of mattresses. But now the river — and the surrounding neighborhood — has cleaned up so you can enjoy what’s STILL the freshest seafood in Miami.


Though not the institution that its next-door neighbor Garcia’s is, the seafood at Casablanca is every bit as good, and the menu even a little more upscale with items like its signature crab-stuffed lobster and a raw bar with an impressive collection of ceviches and tiraditos. They’ve also got a seafood market inside, if you feel like grabbing something to take back on the boat with you.


If you’re the one who actually OWNS the boat — or one of the girls tagging along — this is THE boat-up go-to for Sunday brunch. If not? Well the $125 price tag that comes with Zuma’s legendary boozy brunch might be a little out of your… oh wait, never mind. It’s Miami.


While Miami Beach is severely lacking when it comes to boat-up dining, the saving grace is this restaurant at The Standard, where you’ll get some of the best fries in the city, which you can wash down with half-priced drinks from 4-7pm daily. And if a day in a bathing suit makes you hungry for something other than grease and alcohol, its menu of spa cuisine is also among Miami’s best.


Remember when your mom used to tell you to stay out of the pool for, like, a week after you ate? That’s especially important advice to heed here, where you’ll be stuffed with the best bar menu in South Florida, then given 2-for-1-drinks all day, every day. Both are things that don’t mix well with a swimming pool, which its also got on the patio along with more flat screens than you can possibly watch.


If burgers that come with an instant side of Lipitor aren’t exactly what you’re craving after a long day on the water, right next to Duffy’s is this spot, which serves a Mediterranean-inspired menu with lighter fare like the truffle tuna roll and the whole grilled branzino. And while smoking a stogie on your boat is never a bad idea, they’ve also got an adjacent hookah and cigar lounge for after dinner.


Just don’t confuse it with the Bimini Bay CLUB, because that’s a dive bar that shows pornos on the TV, and even worse has nowhere to tie up your boat. This place, however, is the best restaurant on a canal in one of the world’s best canal cities, where you can get fresh seafood and steaks, right before the 17th St Bridge.


There’s really nothing worse than being four hours into your boating day, drifting all the way up to Oakland Park, and suddenly realizing, “Oh crap! I’m missing the World Logrolling Championships on Spike!” But don’t worry! Bokampers has you covered with 350ft of dock space, 150 flat screens, and even a full sushi bar to keep you energized so you can watch those high-intensity log rolls.


Hands down the best new waterfront restaurant to open in Broward in the past year, here an all-star team of chefs made up of Nader “Ned” Jaouhar, Kareem Lakchira, and Andy Patton have created the most surprisingly tasty menu you’ll find on the Intercoastal. Anywhere. Like it might be the only time in your life you say, “It’s worth going to Pompano.” Try the Moroccan meatballs, then move on the greatest use of snack food you’ll ever see — the Cheetos-crusted catch of the day.

Miami By The Sea

Miami By The Sea. Miami is a city with water all around; from Miami Beach to Biscayne Boulevard; Key Biscayne to the Keys.

There are many places you can visit with by boat, rather than by car. You have the options of excellent tours of Biscayne Bay. Boat tours can guide you from South Beach to North Miami Beach, Star Island, Monument Island, Haulover Beach, even Oleta River State Park.

Dining by the water is also a unique experience, made easy by boat docks and marinas located through Miami.

Miami Beach: A Look Back at the Past 100 Years

Miami Beach: A Look Back at the Past 100 Years.

It grew out of a vacant lot, and in the 1920s, it became a vacation destination. In the ‘80s, crime and drug trafficking brought difficult time to Miami Beach, but after being immortalized by the TV series Miami Vice, it was reborn as a city of global reverence.

Miami Beach, the resort city located along the white sandy coast of South Florida, celebrated its 100th anniversary this past week.

Associated with palm trees and elegant hotels, Miami Beach is part of the metropolitan area that makes up Miami-Dade County, which some call the “gateway” to Latin America. Miami Beach’s most famous avenue, Ocean Drive, is the epicenter of the city’s nightlife.

In the 1920s, the resorts experienced their first period of splendor. Miami Beach was home to five world renowned casinos. 927 Jefferson Suites was one of the first buildings constructed in the area. The Mediterranean inspired property was built in 1924, and has withstood the test of time. 1929 brought along the Great Depression, causing turmoil for the entire nation, but 927 Jefferson Suites continued hosting prominent guests from the art world. Miami Beach managed to escape the Depression with minimal impact, thus sparking the golden age of Art Deco architecture that Miami Beach has now become famous for. The 1960s brought another construction boom to the City of Miami Beach, commencing the decade with the most iconic hotel on the beach, The Fontainebleau.

The ‘80s brought a downfall to Miami Beach, mostly caused by drug trafficking, crime, and corruption. Miami Beach was able to bounce back with the aid of Latin American immigrants who now call Miami Beach their home. The City of Miami Beach is once again a sought after tourist destination, which prides itself on diversity and cultural growth.

Non-Stop Action in Miami Beach


Non-Stop Action in Miami Beach.There’s never a dull moment in Miami. This week started off with parties and events right on the beach, celebrating Miami Beach’s centennial anniversary. Once one party is over, another begins. As the centennial celebration come to an end, Ultra Music Festival and Winter Music Conference take over. This weekend of non-stop partying attracts a lively crowd to Miami.

April is fast approaching, and with it comes Miami Sports Month. For the entirety of the month, the greater Miami area will play host to world class sporting events, as well as offer local seminars throughout the city. Along with the opening of the baseball season for the Miami Marlins, and the culmination of the Miami Heat’s season, Miami will host the Miami Beach World Cup of Polo. This event will draw competitors and spectators from across the world, to experience the beautiful game of polo be played on the white sand beaches of Miami Beach. You can catch an exciting polo match April 23rd-25th. Biscayne Bay will be the home of this year’s Swim Miami event. Swim Miami is ranked by the World Open Water Swimming Association as one of America’s Top 100 Open Water Swims. The swim will take place April 19th at the Miami Yacht Club.

Biscayne Bay offers locals and visitor many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. You can kayak, hike, picnic, or sight see at one of Miami’s wonderful parks. You can take guided tours, or explore on your own at Oleta River State Park and Matheson Hammocks Park.

One of the very few downfalls that you may encounter visiting Miami is the public transportation, or lack thereof. Here at Rent4Days Miami, we recommend staying close to the action, so you won’t waste any of your valuable time commuting.