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Miami Beach: A Look Back at the Past 100 Years

Miami Beach: A Look Back at the Past 100 Years.

It grew out of a vacant lot, and in the 1920s, it became a vacation destination. In the ‘80s, crime and drug trafficking brought difficult time to Miami Beach, but after being immortalized by the TV series Miami Vice, it was reborn as a city of global reverence.

Miami Beach, the resort city located along the white sandy coast of South Florida, celebrated its 100th anniversary this past week.

Associated with palm trees and elegant hotels, Miami Beach is part of the metropolitan area that makes up Miami-Dade County, which some call the “gateway” to Latin America. Miami Beach’s most famous avenue, Ocean Drive, is the epicenter of the city’s nightlife.

In the 1920s, the resorts experienced their first period of splendor. Miami Beach was home to five world renowned casinos. 927 Jefferson Suites was one of the first buildings constructed in the area. The Mediterranean inspired property was built in 1924, and has withstood the test of time. 1929 brought along the Great Depression, causing turmoil for the entire nation, but 927 Jefferson Suites continued hosting prominent guests from the art world. Miami Beach managed to escape the Depression with minimal impact, thus sparking the golden age of Art Deco architecture that Miami Beach has now become famous for. The 1960s brought another construction boom to the City of Miami Beach, commencing the decade with the most iconic hotel on the beach, The Fontainebleau.

The ‘80s brought a downfall to Miami Beach, mostly caused by drug trafficking, crime, and corruption. Miami Beach was able to bounce back with the aid of Latin American immigrants who now call Miami Beach their home. The City of Miami Beach is once again a sought after tourist destination, which prides itself on diversity and cultural growth.

Gune Foundation social partner of Rent4Days

guné1Founded in 2004 by the will of an entrepreneur who decides to donate part of his estate to social interest works dedicated to improve the living conditions of the poorest communities in Senegal, the Guné Foundation has 10 years working in projects of social cooperation and Rent4Days has became partner to its initiatives since 2012.

Aware that a perspective of charity and a form of paternalistic solidarity is not the right way for a real and autonomous development of countries with difficulties, Guné Foundation’s projects have a cross and egalitarian vision to achieve an integrated development of rural communities with which they work (in the region of Kolda), through a food safety program based on boosting the local economy, synthesizable on the following objectives:

– Ensuring safety of subsistence crops and diversifies production.

– Strengthening the local voluntary sector through the support and creation of agricultural cooperatives, with special emphasis on the role of women.

– Increasing the management skills and the organization of members of agricultural cooperatives to enhance their role in local economic development.


As a partner and promoter of the initiatives of the foundation, Rent4Days recommends the participation on Tuesday, the 23rd of December, at 19:30, Civic Center Pati Llimona (c / Regomir, 3 Barcelona) to the presentation of the documentary “POR UNA VIDA DIGNA“(For a dignified life).

The financial and economic crisis that affects Spain reveals a violation and a restriction of the human rights, mainly affecting the immigrant population, which is often the impotent and weaker part of the society. The documentary treats precisely this topic: three immigrants from sub-Saharan Afric living in Barcelona without formal documentation and survive on junk found in the garbage of the city. Through their life stories and expert’s reflections the documentary is trying to highlight the human rights violations suffered by these people.

After the projection there will be a roundtable discussion with the protagonists.

Our suggestion, do not miss it.

Shopping night in Barcelona

shopping night in Barcelona
shopping night in Barcelona

A great shopping  shopping night in Barcelona is coming soon on the 4th of December! If in past edition Shopping Night Barcelona had transformed Passeig de Gracia into a great opera house, this year the famous commercial street of Barcelona will be converted into a little Hollywood of the fifty’s. The 5th edition of the gala shopping event has the golden age of Hollywood as central theme, so the choice of the actress Sophia Loren as poster image seems absolutely adequate.

Classics silent films will be projected in Salvador Espriu gardens and some live acts and performances will be staged in the adjoining streets during shopping night in Barcelona. Now the most relevant information: there will be no traffic during the event so shoppers can walk anywhere on the Passeig de Gracia and the normal opening hour of the shops of the Eixample district will be extended until 01:00 for the occasion.

If you are going to visit shopping night in Barcelona I would recommend you this apartment calls Urgell.

The apartment is on Diputació Street, a safe, quiet street with many restaurants, supermarkets and banks nearby. It is located between two of Barcelona’s main attractions, ten minutes walking from Plaza Catalunya and Plaza España. Public transport connections in the area are also excellent. The apartment is very close to a Aerobus stop (Urgell): direct bus from Barcelona airport (Terminal 1 and 2) to Barcelona’s city center, every 5 minutes, 365 days a year. This apartment is ideal for groups or a large family.

Appartement du mois de Juin 2014

Comme chaque mois, nous avons sélectionné un appartement pour vous aider dans vos recherches de logement sur Barcelone. Ce mois-ci, l’appartement choisi est ” Central Black & White” !


Central Black & White

Cet appartement climatisé et naturellement éclairé est situé en plein cœur de Barcelone, tout près de “Las Ramblas” et de la “Plaza Catalunya”. Grâce au métro très proche, vous pourrez vous rendre à la plage en une vingtaine de minutes, et dans de nombreux sites touristiques très facilement.

L’appartement est idéal pour une famille de 3 à 4 enfants. En effet, il compte 3 chambres dont une matrimoniale, et peut accueillir jusqu’à 6 personnes dans son lit double confortable et ses 4 lits simples.


Central Black & White

Le salon, chaleureux, comporte un canapé confortable, dans lequel vous pourrez profiter de la télévision après une longue journée de visite, et du wifi si vous en faites la demande.

Central Black & White

La cuisine est totalement aménagée, avec le nécessaire pour passer un agréable séjour,  et est également équipée d’une machine à laver.

L’appartement se démarque des autres par sa terrasse, sur laquelle vous pourrez aussi bien profiter d’un petit déjeuner au soleil que d’un dîner en famille.

Central Black & White


capacité 6 personnes
3 chambres avec 1 lit double et 4 lits simples
1 salle-de-bain
superficie: 70m²


Barcelona airport transportation

Getting around Barcelona. Barcelona Airport transportation.

Barcelona’s airport is called El Prat and it’s located outside of the city. There are various means of transportation available that connect airport with the city.

bcn cab

1. Taxi. An easy option, especially, if you have luggage. The trip will take around 20 to 30 minutes and will cost about 25 to 30 euros. Price depends whether you are coming from T1 or T2 (T1 is a bit farther, thus, more expensive), on your destination and the number of suitcases (there is a surcharge for each). Official Barcelona cabs are of black and yellow colors, and it’s a safe and reliable service.

Barcelona-Aerobus2. Aerobus. Airport express bus service that goes from Plaza Catalunya. The bus stop is located in front of the El Corte Ingles department store building. Buses go every 10 minutes and it takes around 35 minutes to get to the airport. The price of one way trip is 5.90 €, two way – 10.20 € (valid for 9 days). A1 will take you to Terminal 1, A2 to Terminal 2, make sure to take the right one, because they look the same! Bus stops, schedules and additional information you can find HERE

plaza espanya bus 46 stop 3. Bus №46. City bus, which operates between 5 a.m. and 12.15 a.m. It has more stops than express bus service, however, it allows you to use T10 Barcelona city transport ticket (normal fare is 2.15 €). Bus 46 runs from Plaza Espanya to both airport terminals, every 25 minutes. It may get tricky to find a bus stop on Plaza Espanya, since there are many. On the picture you will see the bus stop where you will catch bus 46 on your way to the airport. Notice that it’s close to Arenas shopping mall, right next to the tower. More information you can find HERE.


4. RENFE – train. Renfe train will take you from the airport Sants station. It also has further stops at Clot and Passeig de Gracia. T10 ticket is also valid here. Airport shuttle bus can take you from T1 to the entrance of renfe station. Trip to the city will take about 20-25 minutes. On the official website you will be able to find more info.

nitbus n17

5. Night buses (NitBus) N16 and N17. Night buses that link El Prat to Barcelona city center operate from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m, and run every 20 minutes. As other bus services, described above, they stop at Plaza Espanya. T10 tickets are accepted. N17 goes to T1, N16 to T2, correspondingly.

6. Private transfer. For those, who prefer traveling with comfort. Transfer needs to be ordered in advance, and you will have a person to meet you upon your arrival.

welcome to barcelona

Most of above mentioned means of transportation will take you to the center of Barcelona. From there you can easily get to your destination point by metro. Metro map you can find here: Barcelona Metro Map

Wishing you a safe trip!

Winter Carnival in Spain 2014

Be ready, Carnival is coming to Spain!Carnaval Barcelone

From the 27th of February to the 5th of March, all Spanish cities will be in the “fiesta” mode, the annual carnival is arriving. Initially, this festival was celebrated in honor of winter. Carnival in Spain comes before Catholic Easter, people enjoy the food before starting fasting. Now, it is more a celebration with a lot of colors and costumes, where each person can embody a character, as diverse as they want – in short, a time of joy!

 Barcelone Carnaval

In Spain, it has become a tradition. In Barcelona, the event doesn´t carry as much of importance, as in other Spanish cities. However, there are a lot of activities being organized in the city like parades, dancers, floats, music in a procession through the street and special stands, where you can taste some traditional food of all regions of Spain.


The carnival begins with “Fatty Thusday” (Jueves Ladero), because it is the day, dedicated to the “Greasy” and “Vice”. During the weekend parades “Gran Rua de Carnaval” take place, with colourful decorated carriages. Festivity finishes on Ash Wednesday, with the funeral of the sardine. The colourful costumes are changed to black ones. This funeral is a fun parody that symbolizes the burial of bad past and new society transformation, as well as the beginning of the fast. And don’t worry, sardines are eaten too!

 barcelona carnaval

Here on the official page of Barcelona you have the agenda of the Carnival. 

During these days they are all numerous little events organized all around Barcelona, so if you happen to be visiting, watch out for some fun! Some of such events include food competitions and games, traditional markets, music etc…

The Carnival of Sitges is also really famous and more dynamic. Often called the gay capital of Europe, Sitges is a township of Barcelona, located nearby BCN. It will take you only around 40 minutes by train. Carnival in Sitges is a big deal, and for the Carnival weekend, we advise you to go there!


For more information you can go to the official website.